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Ultimatums sometimes work best to help people overcome alcohol addiction

Coated in dew, ditch grasses reflect the rising morning sunlight on Wednesday, June 8, 2016. Nick Nelson / Forum News Service I first wrote about them in October 2013, with their approval, as long as I disguised their identities. Their journey has been a traumatic saga described in periodic articles. Additional Articles Recommended by Agweek One reader recently said "I've been reading these updates for a few years, and each time I get one, I sort of hold my breath that...something has happened to Dan or his family — a wreck, or drinking far to excess, or some such." That's what alcohol addiction does: It challenges our understanding of why some people consume alcohol excessively even when serious negative consequences follow its misuse. Mostly everyone wants to see people "get better." Other drugs can have similar damaging effects on addicted people and their loved ones. The current opioid epidemic is one of the unsolved problems that affects many people in the U.S. What ultimately assists alcoholics and other drug addicts to make lifetime changes in their reliance on alcohol and other substances? Today's article provides an update on Dan, Darla and their children. There is good news, for a change, and hope that Dan's devotion to changing his life will continue. It's been two months since Dan has had a drink. Dan had to choose treatment versus divorce and loss of his family after he was drunk for three days straight over the New Year's weekend. Darla made him leave their home. Dan entered a 30-day inpatient treatment covered by Darla's insurance. He is back home and attends support group meetings three evenings weekly, which are 50 miles away from home. Dan and Darla also attend weekly counseling sessions together with a therapist in the after-care part of his treatment program. Darla said their family therapist (the children also visited him once) has dealt with his own alcoholism and has been counseling others for fifteen years.

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